JD_Organic FarmerI was raised working class in Detroit, when unions were strong. I don’t think I even met a Republican for my first eighteen years. Certainly my parents, their friends, and everyone within 50 miles of the trailer park we lived in was Democrat. Until 1996, I voted as a knee-jerk Democrat. It was during the Clinton administration that I suddenly realized that the Democratic Party was morphing into the left wing of the Republican Party. Alarmed by the neoliberal takeover of the economy, the corporatization and grotesque commodification of everything, I became a Naderite. From the mid-90s, I have only voted Green. Hillary Clinton represents the worst of the Democratic Party. She is a corporate shill, a member of the .1% on her way to joining the .01%. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, represents the values of the 99%, speaks in the same language the Democrats did before they sold out to Wall Street and the oligarchy. I don’t know if he can survive. If he doesn’t make it to the White House, my only hope is that President Donald or President Hillary doesn’t drone bomb my organic vegetable garden. With giddy optimism, I was looking forward to a bumper crop this year.  (Message John)

Help me out, please!  Together we can get rid of the crooks and liars and have a Congress that works for everyone.
You can be part of the solution. Just a couple hours a week each from thousands of good folks just like you.