The CFAR Is A Game-Changer

The CFAR (Contract For American Renewal) is a commitment on eleven issues which are supported by 62% to 80% of U.S.citizens.  Thus, it represents the core of a populist-progressive legislative agenda.  It’s what the American public wants!
By extension, because of the enormous support of voters on the initiatives embraced by the CFAR, it provides a road map and a mechanism for populist-progressive candidates TO WIN their bids for office in November 2018!
Most of the CFAR was built on the platform Bernie Sanders put forth in his presidential run.  He is still the most popular politician in America today, a testament to his courageous ideas and widely-acclaimed policy positions on the things that truly count with a vast majority of everyday citizens.

Let’s look at those critical issue poll numbers again.  These reflect huge majorities of everyday citizens who support important high-visibility initiatives across the political spectrum.

63% of Americans want a federal minimum wage of $15.00 per hour.
75% of voters want fair trade agreements protecting jobs, workers, the environment.
76% of voters want a cut back on military spending.
76% of voters want the U.S. completely out of Afghanistan.
79% of voters want no reductions in Social Security; 70% of voters support expanding it.
79% of voters want no reductions in Medicare.
80% of voters oppose the “Citizens United” U.S. Supreme Court decision.
68% of voters think taxes on the wealthy should be increased and corporations should be required to pay their fair share.
71% of voters support massive infrastructure renewal.
65% of voters want laws to combat climate change.
62% of voters want tuition free public colleges and universities.

Now let’s look closely at the CFAR.  This one is written for a candidate running for House of Representatives, but there’s also a version for those running for Senate.Notice how the CFAR perfectly parallels the issue polls.  Therefore, it is an accurate representation of the popular will of U.S. citizens.

Any candidate who signs the CFAR will be REQUIRED by a legally-binding contract from day one when arriving in Washington DC, to be working on these critical challenges, representing the express will of the voters who elected him or her.  By signing the CFAR, a candidate demonstrates a whole new, unprecedented level of honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability.

In a nutshell . . .

The CFAR takes the guesswork out of voting and puts the voters and CFAR-signing candidates on the same page!

The CFAR represents unambiguous marching orders for the candidate, a shared commitment, established directly between voter and candidate — no middle man, no major parties, no smoke-filled back room wheeler-dealers — to introduce true, responsible, and responsive democracy into our system of governance.

Granted, nothing like this has ever been tried before.  Why is something this drastic and outside-the-box necessary now?

Our government, our electoral process, our democracy has been corrupted, polluted, destroyed by big money, cronyism, unparalleled abuse of power.  The voice of the everyday citizen has been silenced.

IT’S UP TO US, THE MILLIONS OF VOTERS WHO ARE BEING LOCKED OUT OF THE PROCESS, to take back the power, to make our distressed and desecrated democracy work again for all Americans, not just the rich and powerful.

We — the everyday citizens who comprise the vast majority — must stand united, stand strong, stand up to the tyranny of corporate power and the autocratic ruling elite.

We do this by only voting for candidates in the November 2018 election who sign the CFAR.

Which leaves us no choice:  We must reach out and recruit populist-progressive candidates across the entire nation, explaining to them the CFAR National Electoral Strategy, and how as a populist-progressive, grass roots movement, it will reinvigorate our flagging democracy and work to institute government of the people, by the people, for the people.

The CFAR is about honesty, integrity, responsibility, transparency, accountability.

At the same time, we must never forget . . .



A print version of the CFAR for candidates running for House of Representatives is available HERE.

A print version of the CFAR for candidates running for the Senate is available HERE.