During his presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders called for a political revolution in America.  This rings even truer now than it did back then.
The U.S. is no longer a democracy.  We now have government of the rich … by the rich … and for the rich.

As Bernie himself said:

“We need millions of people to stand up and fight back, to demand that
government represents all of us, not just the one percent.”

What this means is obvious and URGENTEveryday citizens are hurting, our economy is nearly bankrupt, opportunities are disappearing, the American Dream is dying a slow death.

Dramatic change must go forward, and it can’t wait until 2020.  Republicans now control the White House, both the Senate and House of Representatives, the majority of state legislatures, and the majority of governors are Republican.

If that weren’t bad enough, on a vast number of issues that negatively impact tens of millions of everyday Americans, the Democrats are on board with the Republicans.  Thus we have widespread unemployment and underemployment; many citizens are working at far below a livable wage; solid, widely supported programs like Social Security and Medicare are under attack; millions of people don’t have access to good, affordable health care; the rich and powerful refuse to pay their fair share in taxes; our infrastructure is crumbling; our well-being and even our survival is increasingly under threat from climate change and endless war; big money continues to poison our electoral process and destroy our democracy; public education is in decline and college is becoming unaffordable for millions of young people.

These problems are not going to fix themselves.  And as long as we have elected officials owned lock-stock-and-barrel by a tiny clique of rich and powerful elite, Congress won’t fix them either!

WE NEED REGIME CHANGE IN CONGRESS, starting with the coming election.

This is a monumental challenge but one on which the future of our democracy depends.

Out with the old . . . in with the new . . . November 2018!