Winning Elections

Big Rally!


We are reaching out to all you POPULIST-PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATES.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime historical juncture, an unparalleled opportunity.

Do not let this get by you!  This is an opportunity to truly serve your country.  This is your chance to make a real difference.


The reason why Bernie Sanders was able to create such an awe-inspiring movement — despite all of the obstacles by the media and the treachery of the Democratic Party — and why he remains the most popular politician in the nation today, is ridiculously obvious.

An Economy for the 99%It’s because people want what Bernie Sanders offered in his historic bid for the presidency.  People know there is something seriously wrong with our country.  The rich keep getting richer.  Everyone else has to scramble to make ends meet.  The good jobs are disappearing.  People are working harder than ever before for less.  Despite some improvements inaugurated by Obamacare, good quality, affordable health care is still not universally available and prices of health coverage, medical services and drugs, continue to skyrocket.  The big banks are bigger than ever, casino capitalism is thriving, while children are going to bed hungry, our infrastructure is crumbling, and the military wastes money faster than we can print it.

Why shouldn’t people be angry, frustrated, demanding change?

You saw the numbers we cited before.  People know what needs to be done.

Voters want real leadership, real representation, real public service.

This is the most profound opportunity in decades for forward-looking, clear-thinking, visionary populist-progressive candidates to defeat the corrupt, pay-for-play incumbents who’ve caused and continue to promote the mess we’re in.

Our time has arrived.
The polls are on our side!

Winning elections has two critical requirements:

  • Getting voters to notice you.
  • Getting voters to believe you.
Because the CFAR embraces what the vast consensus of citizens want done, it accomplishes both!

The CFAR draws attention to YOU because you are signing a legally-binding contract to promote a genuinely populist-progressive agenda.  These are the things vast majorities of American citizens want to create a better America for all Americans, not just the rich and powerful.  People will respect your commitment, your judgment, your courage and willingness to go the extra mile.

The CFAR draws attention to YOU because you are willing to do what your opponents can’t and won’t do.  You are willing to  step forward and sign on the dotted line . . . put in writing exactly what you will do from day one when you arrive in the nation’s capital.

AND the voters will believe in you because the CFAR is a legally-binding contract.  They will see with their own eyes the contract you have signed with them as future constituents — the contract YOUR OPPONENT CANNOT AND WILL NOT SIGN — and put their trust in you.  They will believe you are the real thing because you’ve given them a GUARANTEE OF SERVICE, a bona fide commitment, not just empty campaign promises and hollow rhetoric.


Listen up you populist-progressive candidates, you honest, decent future public servants who want a truly fair and inclusive America; who want all Americans to share in and benefit from our nation’s enormous resources and wealth; who believe that as Americans we should all have the opportunity to make the best of our individual potential, and create a promising and fulfilling future for our children; you selfless, visionary candidates who want to create an America that works for all Americans, not just the rich and powerful.

If you’re apprehensive about signing the CFARbecause it’s a legally-binding contract — you must keep reminding yourself . . .

The CFAR IS NOT about locking you into anything you don’t already believe in.  What’s in the CFAR are the things as a populist-progressive, as a “people’s candidate”,  and as a true patriot, you already embrace.

The CFAR IS about unambiguously and convincingly establishing in the minds of good, decent, hardworking American voters that YOU are on their sidethat YOU will fight for them — that from day one when you arrive in Washington DC, YOU will truly represent their interests and needs.

The CFAR is a bulletproof method for making you look good . . . AND making your opponents look bad.

People need clarity.  They need things spelled out in big bold terms.  People need a guarantee that you will serve them honestly, faithfully, transparently.  They need to understand while you are giving a solid commitment in writing to work for them, your opponents can only offer more double-talk, empty campaign promises, hollow blather, and clever sound bites.

The CFAR is precisely how you deliver this message LOUD AND CLEAR . . .

It’s vital to understand and focus on the real key to the success of this strategy . . . in getting you elected in November 2018:

Remember . . .


How can they?  They are beholden to Wall Street, the big banks, the military-industrial-security complex, big Pharma, giant agro-chemical corporations, the fossil-fuel industry, transnational corporations, deep-pocketed fat cat donors, corporate lobbyists, the special interests of the .1%.  The CFAR represents everything they are against!  

Which is why the establishment will attack and marginalize you and your campaign.  Which is why the corporate mainstream media will try to refuse you the coverage you deserve.  Which is why the neither major party will support your campaign, in fact, they will try so sabotage it.  We only need to look at what the Democratic Party did to the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders to see what they think of populist-progressive candidates and where its true loyalties lie.

Your opponents have a lot of money, momentum, and power behind them.  We certainly don’t have to tell you what you’re up against.

Which is why you need a powerful tool — an electoral sledgehammer — to destroy the campaigns of your well-funded, ruthless, pay-for-play opponents!

The CFAR is not a pretty-please-let’s-talk-about-our-differences-of-opinion piece of fluff.  Understand . . . IT IS A WEAPON to expose the hypocrisy, dishonesty, and callous manipulation of your opponents!  When your opponents refuse to sign the CFAR, it says one thing:  They’re not serious about serving the vast majority of American citizens.

Thus the CFAR is designed to discredit and destroy the campaigns of those candidates —  establishment, neoliberal politicos — who are opposed to having an America which takes care of its people.  The CFAR is how we elect candidates who will fight for an America with quality universal health care; an America with good, secure jobs paying a living wage; education for all; wealth and opportunity shared fairly and equitably with all its citizens; safe communities; solid, reliable infrastructure; fair trade agreements; tax policies which make the rich and corporations pay their fair share; politics which are free of cronyism and the noxious influence of big money; a government which will seriously take on the challenges of climate change and endless war; a Congress which listens to and faithfully represents the interests of the people who vote them into office.  These are the things people care about.  These are the things people deserve to get done.  These are the things that a people’s Congress will get done.


Always keep first and foremost in mind why the CFAR was created and exactly what it’s designed to do.
  1.  The CFAR is not about you.
  2.  The CFAR is about defeating your opponents.

In these contentious and high-stakes times, with ruthless power-hungry politicos who will say anything to get elected, the Contract For American Renewal is how you can create confidence in your voters, put substance into your campaign, and put real representative democracy back in play.  You will give the voters REAL CHOICE and AN INDISPUTABLE REASON for voting for you.

Are you getting this now?


A print version of the CFAR for candidates running for House of Representatives is available HERE.

A print version of the CFAR for candidates running for the Senate is available HERE.

[ PLEASE NOTE:  While the basic version of the CFAR provided here is what we think best attracts voter support, it’s not written in stone.  Appropriate modification for individual unique campaign situations is encouraged.  See FAQ for more on this. ]